WiM 2018 Venue

We want to start the search for a venue for WiM 2018 as soon as possible! If you’ve got a church or community hall in mind that you think might be the perfect fit for our annual event, please let us know about it using the form below. Tips on WiM venue requirements can be found at http://www.rev.org.uk/wim/wimvenueproposal/.

Dates for WiM 2018 will be 7-15 April if the event goes ahead. If you’re not aware of our big changes discussions, find out more here.

We understand that not everyone suggesting a venue will have the time or resources to be responsible for approaching and communicating with the venue, so we’ve given you the option to say whether or not you want to do that. This can really be as simple as just throwing out the idea, and we take it from there. Or you can help us out by doing some of the ground work too (which is appreciated, of course, where possible)!

WiM 2018 Venue Suggestion