1. What’s WiM?

WiM is an acronym for “Week in March”, the biggest and most exciting event on the Rev national calendar, if not your life. It’s when members of all the Rev choirs, plus some former revvers who haven’t quite left yet, all get together to put on a concert in a week.

2. A concert in a week?

Yep. You go in knowing none of the songs and you coming out knowing more songs than you thought possible. It’s pretty impressive. Read the general and music sections of the FAQ for more detail on the different ways to participate in the band and/or choir. Obviously, there’s a lot of rehearsing involved at WiM (chances to suggest songs, arrange, teach and conduct, sing as a soloist as well as in the choir, and play in the band), but there’s plenty of time for other fun stuff as well.

3. Fun stuff such as?

Hanging out with a bunch of really cool people, taking part in splinter groups (see Aims and Values for more information), enjoying workshops, exploring the area you’re staying in, competing against other bond groups, staying up until four in the morning playing board games, taking every feasible opportunity to have a nap but still being exhausted, praying, studying, eating lots of food, helping prepare that food, helping wash up after that food…OK, it’s not all fun. There is some hard work, but that’s part of what makes it special.

4. What’s a bond group?

We divide people at WiM into groups of six or seven people to make things more manageable and stop you being overwhelmed by the sheer number of revvers. This isn’t for everything during the week (you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with everyone else), but it does include some games and activities, including a meal out together and cleaning rotas. We try to make sure there’s always someone in your bond group you know (even if there’s only one other person at WiM that you’ve met before) but we also include some strangers so you can have the chance to meet new people and not just stick to your usual friendship group.

5. OK, this sounds pretty cool. Maybe I’ll think of coming. When does it take place?

During the Easter/Spring holidays, normally in April. It lasts from Saturday to the next Sunday, so eight days, with the concert itself on the final Saturday.

6. Didn’t you say it was Week in March? Why does it last eight days in April?

Yeah…the first WiM was in March and the name stuck. Just go with it.

7. Do I have to stay for the whole week?

No, of course not. We respect your right to come and go when you please (just make sure you let us know when you’ll be there, for logistics and stuff – the caterers don’t like it when they’re suddenly told they have to feed more people than they knew were coming and we don’t want to accidentally lose you if there’s an emergency). You can just come for one day, or a weekend, or a few days and you don’t have to participate in the concert if you don’t want to. Obviously, if you’re not staying for the whole week, you won’t have to pay the full price.

8. I can’t possibly go away at all when I have four essays due the moment I get back to university. I need to spend the holiday studying.

Don’t worry. The reason we created study splinter was so that student members would be able to work even while at WiM. It may not be the main thing you want to do when you’re away and everyone else is making music, but there will be time, space and facilities for you to complete any work you need to do. Don’t worry if you need to spend more time revising than you do rehearsing. It’s very important to us that WiM is accessible to our student members.

9. Where is WiM?

The location of WiM changes every year. We stay in a church, preferably near at least one Rev. Venue applications generally open just after the previous WiM, in April or May and are voted on in June. If you’re ever wandering along, happen to see a fairly large church and think “you could fit a lot of revvers in there, with space for sleeping and socialising and relaxing and maybe even some rehearsing” perhaps think about the possibility of it being next year’s venue. It’s always easier when someone has a connection to the church already.

10. So it could end up being the other side of the country from me? How will I get there?

Don’t worry. We’ll help you as much as we can with travel. We always try to make sure the venue is fairly close to a train station and we’ll give clear directions before you leave. Lots of people come by train, but driving is also an option if we’re somewhere with parking available. If you know someone else coming to WiM by car, they may be willing to give you a lift (or you could ask online if anyone is driving from or near where you are). If the biggest worry is financial, either National Rev or your choir may be able to help you out with travel expenses – there will be a form available on the website if you want to claim.

(If you’re coming from a different country, obviously you’ll need to catch an aeroplane first, or start driving a long, long time in advance.)

11. How much does it cost?

For 2015, the price was £75 if you wanted to stay the full week. If that number is making your eyes water slightly, don’t worry. You don’t have to pay it all in one go and either your choir or National Rev may be able to offer financial support to help you get there. If it’s still too much, remember you don’t have to come for the whole week and that means you don’t have to pay the full price.

Never let financial issues be what stop you coming to a Rev event.

12. What does the price cover?

Accommodation, all your food (not counting meals out), an external workshop where a professional choir expert comes and teaches us some songs, a concert (and souvenir) t-shirt and sometimes a digital download of the concert.

13. Who can come?

Anyone. If you’re currently in any Rev around the country, if you used to be in Rev or if you’ve heard cool stuff about Rev from friends or elsewhere. As always, there are no prerequisites (except being over eighteen). Everyone is welcome.

14. How do I get involved?

If you just want to turn up and take part in activities, just sign up when the form becomes available in the new year. If you want to be part of the organising team, then applications open towards the end of the year – some positions require you to have been at WiM before so you understand the basics of how it works, but some, like Warm-Up Co and Bond Group Leader, can be applied for even if it’s your first WiM. If you want to be WiM Co-ordinator and in charge of the whole week, you definitely have to have been to WiM before and applications have to be made before we vote at Forum in June. Each position is occupied by a different person each year to allow everyone to have an opportunity to try each different thing.

15.What sorts of roles are available?

There are too many individual roles to list here, but WiM roles are divided into teams so everyone knows who they’re working with and who to ask for help. This includes the Leadership Team, Logistics Team, Arts Team, Media Team, Production Team and Environment Team (responsible for the atmosphere at the event, not recycling). This means there’s guaranteed to be something you can do, regardless of where your skills and interests lie.

16. Someone mentioned something about Pre-WiM? What’s that?

Pre-WiM is a weekend in February when as many members of the WiM team as possible stay in the WiM venue for a weekend. This helps them get to know each other as well as start planning the best ways to use the church and the local area. You don’t have to attend Pre-WiM to be on the WiM team, but it is very helpful.