WiM 2017 Chronicles

Said I wasn’t gonna’ put together another one of these after something like WiM, but I Couldn’t Keep It To Myself, especially given the efforts of an almost A Capella group, easily the best one I’ve known!
(Let’s just say that) If I Had Words that could bring Glory To God Forever, I could start with saying I Want You Back in the fold, or choir.
You’ve Got A Friend in Jesus – I’m A Believer that while you’re in The Middle of the present troubles, he alone makes sure you’re Still Breathing, when you fall he helps you Get Back Up Again, and you can trust him when he says, “I’ll Be There For You”!
Keep On Moving in the Amazing Grace that he alone gives us, like you’re Walking On Sunshine, so Rejoice! Rejoice!
And since it’s Easter Weekend at the time I write this, let’s set our Eyes On The Prize as we sing Hosanna, for “Jesus died and rose again”!
When he comes, we shall Be Like Him 😊
ATAWALE (Let Him reign, let Him reign, let Yahweh alone reign)!

Jonny Dao