WiM 2014 Chronicles

To all those who went to WiM 2014, spot the song titles here:
Do You Know Jesus? ‘Cos let me tell you something:  He Ain’t Heavy exactly, and neither is his burden or his yoke.  I Saw The Light long ago in my life (while others saw it literally even longer before) and I’m A Believer – and since then, there’s a Change In My Life 🙂 So if any of you know someone who’s crying ‘Khumbaya’, Go To The Rock and keep Movin’ On Up, for the Lord is our Rock and our Salvation.  I Believe I Can Fly (though not literally!) even if It’s Gonna’ Rain (and you’re doing the mambo) for through His Spirit He gave me a voice to praise his name A Capella, and I’m On Top Of The World because of Him alone. So as you contiue on your Fantastic Voyage, when you keep your Eyes On The Prize, you can Spread The Love Around for God demonstrated love in His Son 🙂
God bless y’all! 😀
Jonny Dao