NC Application 2017-19


It’s a really rewarding role, and I would super-encourage anyone to apply who loves Rev and wants to help it grow. Having a wee bit of spare time every week to work on stuff helps, but you have a great team to support you too. And it looks great on your CV 😉

Job description here.

The application form can be accessed at this link. The deadline for applications is 11pm Sunday 9 July, but as I am aware I have opened this quite late, I will certainly be willing to extend that by a week if there are no applications. (The two weeks prior to the EGM are designed to give choirs time to consider and vote, but we can work around that if needs be!)

As you may know, we are discussing potential changes in Revelation. We are aware this is being discussed at the end of one National Coordinator’s term, and that this is also the time we normally elect a new NC. Applications for NC are now open, and we would encourage you to think about applying for the role in the context of the changes being discussed.