Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs Network Survey Winter 2016

Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs is a charity supporting a network of University choirs who bear the name ‘Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir’ along with their University name. Hereafter, it is referred to as ‘Revelation’, ‘the network’, or ‘National Revelation’.

The Survey


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  • WiM is a 8-night network event held around March/April every year. Revelation choir members from across the country gather together in a new location every year, sleep on a church floor, learn loads of new songs, and manage somehow to pull of an epic concert at the end of the week in the church we have been staying in.

  • RESITS is a week-and-a-bit long network event held in August around Edinburgh during the Fringe festival. We sleep on a church floor and learn a number of good old revvy busking tunes, then we perform a couple of times in a busking slot on the Royal Mile. It's more chill than WiM, and we aim to give people more time to enjoy the Fringe festival in Edinburgh during the week. So there's a lot less rehearsal time and fewer organised activities, in exchange for more freedom so people can do what they want to do during the week.
  • Rev @ Christmas (formerly Rev in Germany)

  • R@C is a weekend network event held in the first term of the academic year, usually in December, and usually based around a Christmas market. We gather together and stay in a hostel or at a church, learn a few busking songs, and enjoy the local Christmas market activities whilst also putting on one or two small busking performances. The location alternates each year between somehwre in the UK and somewhere on the continent (it used to be called Rev in Germany!)
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