Big Changes (EGM 2017)

On 23 July 2017, the network voted on a proposal of four main changes to the running of Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs.

The outcome of the voting was as follows:

1) That Revelation’s Aims & Values be amended to allow for the inclusion of community choirs as well as University-based choirs. Each current choir would have the choice between remaining a University choir or becoming a community choir (still within the network). The volunteer team would then be in a position to pilot one or two new community choirs (provided there are willing volunteers to organise this).

2) That the name of the charity and its associated network of choirs remain as ‘Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs’.

3) That the phrase “Christian-based” in the Aims & Values remain as it is (no re-phrasing to ‘with Christian links).

4) That the current annual events calendar (WiM in April, RESITS in August, R@C in December) be cancelled for 2018 at least, and a new events calendar conceived from scratch, focussing more on shorter and simpler weekend events in the first year (with the hope of building back up to events like WiM/RESITS after a year or two).

You can still access the proposal of changes here.

If you have any queries about any of the above, please contact