Basic Concept

Revelation is a network of performing arts groups with a choir at its centre. The first Rev was set up by a group of friends who wanted a place at university where Christians and non-Christians could meet together and form relationships. Rehearsals provide an environment where everyone can experience Christ’s love and find out about Christianity if they wish, but no one will be forced to believe or participate in religious activities.

Songs in Rev tend to be balanced half and half between Christian and secular. Rehearsals also incorporate a “Pause for Thought” when the choir can sit together and reflect, not necessarily on Christianity. Some choirs may include voluntary prayer meetings. Every effort is made to provide for both the Christian and non-Christian members of the choir.

Positions of responsibility in the choir can be held by Christian or non-Christian members, though individuals choirs may have their own rules (such as requiring at least some members of the committee to have signed the UCCF Doctrine of Faith). Each choir must discuss this together and record their final policy decision.

Another important aspect of Revelation is the emphasis on drawing out hidden abilities. We aim to create an environment where everyone is accepted as they are; regardless of talent, ability or belief. This atmosphere creates opportunities for people to take on roles that they may not have attempted without the support and encouragement of the entirety of the choir.

Whilst each Revelation choir is unique in its own way, they all remain faithful to the Aims & Values, a list of principles and intentions that define what Rev is as a choir and what it intends to be.

If you want to know more, ask your committee for your Big Book, which contains all sorts of Rev lore.