About Revelation

Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs is a network of Christian-based rock-gospel choirs throughout the UK, all of which share the same basic aims and values. We are not just about making music, but about allowing people with a wide variety of backgrounds, opinions and beliefs to come together in friendship and fun.

Rehearsals provide a safe, friendly space where people can be themselves and try new things. Whether you’re tone deaf or highly talented; all are welcome. We are united by a love of music.

The national network offers support so that more people can experience the opportunities for personal growth and long term friendship that Rev’s unique environment provides. We coordinate network-wide events and provide common resources (such as our growing music bank) so that members from large and small choirs alike can be inspired, equipped and encouraged in their musical and personal journeys.

Rev was previously a registered charity in England and Wales as charity number 1096262, and in Scotland as SC044197, however we currently lack the people to maintain the necessary legal requirements for charity registration so we have taken the voluntary step of ending registration at this time.

To find out more about what’s going on visit our Facebook page or contact your local choir. Find out what you can do to get involved.