A “Change In My Life”

When I came here last Friday I was so nervous. I told Claire that I was more than happy to help with everything but do none of the activities. For the first few days I sat in the quiet room and read all day. Even then every single person I met was so nice and tried to get me involved.

And now after 10 days I have met 50 of the most amazing people I’m ever likely to meet. I said I wouldn’t sing but because of how friendly everyone is and the unfortunate drunken promise I made, I ended up singing in cabaret as you know .
Since then, I have been so honoured to sing with such an incredible group of people. I will never forget you guys chanting me on stage, which brought a tear to my eye.

Thank you so much for welcoming me to part of your team and I promise that next time I’ll be rehearsing from the start and join in even more.

Finally, I know she’s not going to like this but I’d like to thank Cathy for inviting me because this has been the most amazing week of my life.

Thank you so much.
I would never have even done a speech like this a week ago either.
Thank every single one of you.

Mason Wheatley