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Application Time!

WiM might have finished for this year, but there’s no need to despair. We’re already looking for WiM Co-ordinator and venue applications for 2016. If you’ve been to WiM before and think you’d be able to take on the role, or if you know a church that could fit plenty of Revvers in it next April, let us know.

Don’t want to wait that long, or think WiM might be a bit too stressful? We’re also looking for a RESITS Co-ordinator for this year. RESITS is Rev’s Summer Holiday, so it’s a good way to practice being on an organising team without the kind of pressure that can come from WiM. Find out more.

If that’s not enough for you, venue applications are also open for RiG, otherwise known as Rev in Germany, which will be happening in December. It’s yet another opportunity to chill out and have fun with some Revvers.

Finally, but biggest of all, we’ll be electing a new Network Co-ordinator in June. The NC is head of the national team and is the person who sets the direction for the whole charity and choirs. Fill in an application here.

The RESITS application deadline is 10th May, all others are 31st May. Good luck!





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