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If RESITs is too far away for you and you’re desperate for some more Rev fun, there’s no need to fear. Warwick Rev are inviting everybody to their summer concert! From singing to Forum to the pub lunch, it’s bound to be a thrilling weekend. We’ll be staying at St Stephen’s Church in Canley on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th June, then there’s the option of staying with a Warwick revver on the Sunday night. Learn more.

and speaking of RESITS…

It will happen. We have a RESITs Co-ordinator, we have a church, now we just need you to turn up and make it awesome. Rev’s summer holiday involves a lot of chilling out and eating ice cream, but we will find some time for singing as well. After all, we’re at the Fringe Festival! There are plenty of opportunities for you to get more involved and make sure our RESITS Co isn’t doing everything herself. Volunteering at RESITs is a great way to practice skills and learn what makes a Rev event successful before trying something at the slightly more stressful WiM. Sign up for RESITs here.





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