A WiM Poem

WiM 2016 is over
It was in Norwich of all places
We were in based in a lovely large church
It was amazing to see everyone’s smiley faces
All the old revvers were there
There were some new revvers too
I hope they come back next year
Then they won’t be so new
This year we had an amazing Chill Out Room
All thanks to Laura and her team
To be with everyone felt like ‘Coming Home’
Which fit nicely with the WiM theme
The food was amazing as always
With Abi and her spreadsheet
With Cat cleaning all night long
The kitchen was always tidy and neat
For me it was all about the Base
Emptying and cleaning our ‘Home’
But I did manage to get out
And go for a little roam
Together Steven, Jonny, Jon and Alison
Worked magic with music
With so many song suggestions
It must have been hard to pick
The concert was a success
Many people came to see
Everyone singing, signing and dancing
We were all so amazingly happy
The church were so welcoming
And supported us all through WiM
The showers were so close this year
Just round the corner was the gym
Who can forget Emma
She was in charge this year
Without her it wouldn’t have been so good
So give her a massive cheer
To everyone who was at WiM this year
I will see you at Rev Singing in the Sun
To those who weren’t in Norwich
You missed out on all the fun
Think about April 2017
It will be a week you will never forget
Even if you do not know anyone
Just remember we are not strangers, just Rev friends who you have not yet met.

Rachael Mellers